Best Earphones Under 1000 INR (2018 edition)

Buying a pair of budget earphones is a confusing thing these days. There are so many products available in the market that your head starts spinning what exactly you are looking for. Taking that as a concern, here are the best earphones under 1000 INR which you can buy today:

1. Sony MDR-EX150AP (₹849)

Best Earphones Under 1000 INR Sony-MDR-EX150AP

The Sony MDR-EX150AP is preferred over all the earphones on this list and is the Best Earphones Under 1000 INR. Firstly, these earphones are exceptionally light which means you will never find them uncomfortable, no matter how long you have been wearing them. Secondly, the ear-tips’ design as they fit perfectly in the ears. The build quality of the Sony MDR-EX150AP is also great. The wires are sturdy and the gold plated 3.5 mm jack with the metal casing for ear-tips feels quite solid.

2. Boat BassHeads (₹549)

Best Earphones Under 1000 INR 2.-Boat-BassHeads

Being one of the cheapest pairs of earphones on this list, the Boat BassHeads is still one of the best earphones under 1000 INR price range. As its name suggests, the Boat BassHeads is for people who prefer their bass to be high making it one of the Best Earphones Under 1000 in the bass department. The earphones includes 10 mm drivers which deliver thumping bass-driven stereo sound. The earphones also bring passive noise cancellation which makes them exceptionally good for listening to your favorite songs or audiobooks in noisy environments. Coming to the earphones design, they are well built for an earphone costing close to 500 INR. They feature metal casing for the earbuds which is something rarely seen at its price.

3. Mi Earphones (₹699)

Best Earphones Under 1000 INR 2.-Boat-BassHeads

Xiaomi is known for making quality products at very affordable prices and their Mi Earphones is one of the best earphones under 1000 INR that you can buy. Starting with the build quality of these earphones as these are one of the best build pairs of earphones in this price range. The cable that is being used is a kevlar braided cable which is not only strong but also tangle-free. It is also very light, just 14 grams. Regarding the sound quality, the earphones pack dual 10 mm drivers which will deliver incredible sound to the ears.

4. JBL C100SI (₹799)

Best Earphones Under 1000 INR 4.-JBL-C100SI

JBL is famous for its audio devices, and they make some of the best earphones in almost every price category. So, it’s no surprise to see one of their products making this list. The JBL C100SI is a lightweight and comfortable pair of earphones which will fit nicely in ears without causing any discomfort. Though these are not the best-designed earphones on this list, they do look fine. JBL C100SI uses a plastic casing instead of a metal one. The JBL C100SI is as durable as any other pair of earphones on this list and should last you for a long time. It uses a pair of 9 mm drivers which promise to deliver legendary JBL quality audio.

5. Sennheiser CX 180 (₹749)

Best Earphones Under 1000 INR 5.-Sennheiser-CX-180

The Sennheiser CX 180 is one of the most popular & best earphones under 1000 INR category and for all the right reasons. While it is acceptable that Sennheiser CX 180 won’t lead in the design department, they certainly do in the sound delivery. Featuring a mainly plastic build, the Sennheiser CX 180 is pretty sturdy and should last for a long time. The major problem with this pair of earphones is its wires. They tend to tangle a lot and one will have to spend quite some time in untangling them.

Talking about the audio quality, this is where the Sennheiser CX 180 excels. With its perfect in-ear–canal design coupled with the great noise reduction capability, the CX 180 ensures that the ambient noise does not interrupt the listening experience.

6. House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB(₹899)

Best Earphones Under 1000 INR 6.-House-of-Marley-Smile-Jamaica-EM-JE041-SB

House of Marley company might not be popular in India, but it is a well-known brand in countries like US and UK. The manufacturer focuses on audio products and makes some of the best sounding earphones in the market. The Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB is their entry-level offering and it is one the most unique looking earphones in the market with its multi-color braided cable and drum-shaped earbuds featuring a wooden finish. These are probably the best looking pair of earphones on this entire list.

It uses a pair of powerful 8 mm moving coil drivers to provide a clean and crisp sound with excellent bass quality.

7. Audio-Technica ATH-CLR100BK (₹571)

Best Earphones Under 1000 INR 7.-Audio-Technica-ATH-CLR100BK

Yet another company which is famous for its earphones and their audio products. ATH-CLR100BK is one of the best earphones under 1000 INR price. These earphones are very lightweight and offers some good quality silicone ear tips. The earphone also features an L-shaped connector which is more durable compared to the normal straight connector. One of the best parts about these earphones is that they come with a plastic rolling case which allows to easily store and carry the earphones anywhere. The earphones include 8.5 mm drivers that ensure a quality audio experience. It also has a high acoustics resolution so that the sound output is maximum, detailed, and enriched with depth & clarity. Making it one of the Best Earphones Under 1000 INR.


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